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  Cow Shed Cooling System  

We are now offering a method of cooling dairy cows that has proven to be superior to past systems. Our flood-jet soaker nozzles quickly drench the cows to the skin to produce the cooling necessary for increased milk production and better breeding programs
Our continuous research in this field has shown the effectiveness of the soaker nozzles. We assemble the flood-jet soaker nozzle right here in our facility and they are checked for quality assurance.  Our knowledgeable staff can get you set up for a great cooling system if you just tell them how much area you wish to cover with our nozzles.  We also have contacts to companies that will install them for you. 

In addition to our line of dairy cow soaker nozzles, OK Electrical Industry also offer a wide selection of sprayers, parts and equipment for the agricultural chemical and fertilizer industries. We have over 52 years of experience in the field of anhydrous ammonia equipment sales and service. 

For more details please contact us or visit our office.

Flow LPM: 7
Radius ft: 7
Pressure: 30 PSI


Cooling Effect Nozzle

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