Sole Distributor of Nodolini Guns

A high performance irrigation Rain Gun which is designed for maximum efficiency which results in maximum coverage area while consuming least amount of water making it most environment friendly rain gun.
Our Origin

Founded in the year 1952, with the efforts, dedication and faith of Mir Muhammad Aslam, “OK TubeWell” was inaugurated.

It offered a variety of agricultural water pumps and diesel engines. As Mr. Aslam CEO OK TubeWell always believed in providing support for the agro-based labour community & the primary product-based country that Pakistan is.

Primarily, the proprietorship was focused on products related to boring holes, agricultural water pumps & agricultural irrigation sprinklers for housing societies, industrial as well as commercial use by tube well pumps as its survival was meant to reshape the dynamics for the agricultural industry. Mr. Aslam's contributions in developing and sustaining OK TubeWell from 1952 - 2014 were endearing and heartfelt for what it is today. 62 years Mr. Aslam’s sheer passion and hard work highlights the progression & outcome of his proprietary completely.

These pictures exhibit the water pump & diesel engine produced by OK TubeWell under the directions & supervision of the CEO - Founder of OK TubeWell, Mir Muhammad Aslam. Few of the most distinguished projects that he participated in and executed at the time, were the Simli Dam, Naltar and Kar Gah Hydropower projects in the Punjab and Gilgit-Baltistan Provinces of Pakistan, respectively. He supplied his products and intellectual services on-site. These pictures show the first ever team, that contributed to the running & production, of OK TubeWell products!


About US

In the year 1992, the sole proprietorship of ‘OK Electrical Industry’ was initiated & headed by Muhammad Najeeb Aslam (son of Mir Muhammad Aslam). His notable deliverance & quality work has rewarded him with years of expertise and loyal & satisfied customers which keeps him determined to sustain and improve the products and services that he provides. At OK Electrical Industry, we deal in a wide variety and range of products relating to; clean & sewerage/sludge water submersible pumps (with and without guide bars), fountain pumps, nozzles, lights, water filtration plants for fountains & swimming pools, agricultural irrigation sprinklers, agricultural drip irrigation & micro sprinkling system for farming and plant nurseries, pop-up & home-garden sprinklers, cow shed sprinkling & pressure cleaning systems, dairy sheds showering nozzles, outdoor temperature control system for residential & commercial uses (i.e., outdoor home gardens, outdoor sitting areas at restaurants and within livestock sheds), plug & play waterfalls, fog machines & fans, complete range of drip irrigation & rain guns and sanitising misting system. We also provide residential-use automatic car washers, commercial-& residential use oxygen pumps for fish farms (fishpond aerators), fishpond filtration plants, water pond vacuum cleaners, computerised musical fountains, dry-deck fountains and bio-flock fish farming. Also, OK Electrical Industry currently, has the largest collection of on-ground agricultural sprinklers, agricultural rain gun sprinklers, automated sprinklers in Pakistan (that cater to an area from a minimum range of 10 feet radius to a maximum coverage of 320 feet in radius).

OK Electrical Industry has a highly qualified in electrical, mechanical and plumbing technicians on field with the facilities of test bed in factory. The firm uses its own tooling and dies to keep up extremely high manufacturing standards for each component. Every product then undergoes an extensive quality check after manufacturing before delivering it to their respective client. Our topmost priority is client satisfaction by providing them with highest quality product at reasonable prices. We believe in never compromising values (quality, consistency, commitment, respect, integrity, accountability), even if that means standing alone.



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OK Electrical Industry ongoing commitment to quality, customer requirement and satisfaction.
“We strive for quality, which is our top priority. For us, customer satisfaction is the most important criterion of quality, requiring that our products must be technically sound, reasonably priced and timely delivered. That’s why we are exporting our products in various countries of the world.

CEO - OK Electrical Industries

Our objective is to implement and maintain international standard to enable us to reduce customer complaints and improve on quality.” OK Electrical Industry guarantee to their clients for genuineness & accurate functioning of its products and returnable if with any fault By the grace of Almighty Allah firm is leading in the market.

Our Clients