Invoice Terms

1. 100% payment at the time of purchasing product or before delivery of equipment.
2. Custom made order of any product cannot be canceled or returned under any circumstances.
3. One year warranty of All OK Submersible pumps (against any manufacturing defect ONE TIME CLAIM ONLY).
4. If submersible pump is replaced or repaired then warranty is valid for 15 Days only (against any manufacturing defect ONE time only).
5. 6 months warranty of OK Submersible lights (against any manufacturing defect ONE time only) .
6. No warranty of LED bulb and halogen light bulb under any circumstances.
7. Electrical Products warranty will not apply if issue occurs due to improper installation of equipment and improper power supply or improper cable joint used during installation of product.
8. Phase burnt motor is not warranty claimable under any circumstances (applies to 3 phase motor).
Company is not responsible in any case for issue related to phase burnt or Main Power supply.
9. Warranty does not apply to any product when used with abrasive material or not handled properly or broken / damaged.
10. Warranty not applicable on imported items.
11. Imported items are not returnable or exchangeable under any circumstances.
12. Used or Altered products are not returnable or exchangeable under any circumstances.

Refund Policies

12. Product refund possible if product is in original conditions.
13. Amount of Product will be returned with 48 hours after receiving product and verification that original product has not been used or altered.
14. No refund on Used or Altered products.
15. No warranty or refund claim possible if original product is altered in any way.