Compact, robust but lightweight and easily handled aeration system with unrivalled performance.
80° operating angle on the surface and at depth. Submersible, it can be lowered to up to 15 m below the surface. How consumption with high performance results. Unlimited range of utilization.


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Chain Reaction Desertification & Circulation

Depending on the adjustment angle of the machine and its distance from the bottom, the resulting flow brings about the degree of desertification required with the removal of bottom sediments.
A specially designed set of equipment creates a circulation of air that not only oxygenates but also brings about a controlled removal of organic sediment. It is essential to work at depth for optimum oxygenation and desertification in this operation.

OK Desertification and Circulation

Oxygenates by blowing in and dispersing air at depth in micron zed bubbles. It can introduce pure oxygen without dispersion, as it is specifically designed for operation when submersed.
The greater the operating depth the greater the dissolution of oxygen in the water.
Desertification by creating water currents at the surface or at depth.
It can project water from depth towards and above the surface, and provides efficient aeration and degassing by pushing it horizontal.