Imitating new technology and patent, the temperature is proportionately reduced by this fan with the whole cost is badly cut. This product is suitable for use in mine, open air restaurant, outdoor amusement parts, plant greenhouse, and outdoor high temperature places. Reducing temperature, wetting and temperature adjustment can absorb the heat in the air, so to reduce the temperature to a more comfortable level, make a better working and living environment. You can choose different types according to you need: wall-mounted type, flooring type and movable.


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Professional High Speed Disc Water Cooling Mist Fan-wall mounted. Professional Mobile Water Cooling Mist Fan - Wall mounted. Nozzle Free High Speed Disc Mist Cooling Fan. Professional Mist Fan for Out Door Areas (Hotels, Restaurants, Open Air Discos, Events, Catering, Service areas, Waiting areas ect.) In Door Areas (warehouse, factory, agriculture, farms, animal farms, zoos, lobbies, entry halls ect.) Power: 220 V ( 110 V option ) Covered effective Area: 80 M2 Tank Capacity: 8 Liter automatic filling tank Water consumption: 0-10 Liters/hour ( water control steeples ) High Speed Disc Motor 3 step Fan motor Fan Diameter: 650 mm Height: 180 cm Adjustable oscillation angle: 90 degrees. Adjustable tilt angle: up and down 15 degrees. Color: Black.