Fog Temperature Control System – 1L to 15L – Imported


Reduce Outdoor Temperature between 8 to 15 degrees
Increase Humidity in indoor areas such as poultry farms

Fog Temperature Control System – Imported

This Fog temperature control system can be used to drop outdoor temperature between 8 to 15 degrees  of covered area. Outdoor system is used in Public parks, Residential homes for outdoor ground sitting areas, commercial places such as outdoor restaurants.

This Fog system can be used to increase humidity in indoor areas used especially in poultry farms and hydroponic system for mushroom growing.

Changes can be made according to site requirements depending on your requirement.

Machine Size, weight might vary depending on machine water capacity such as 1L, 3L and so on.

Accessories quantity will vary according to machine water capacity such as 1L, 3L and so on.


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