Submersible Light Fins Small


OK Submersible Light Fins Small
Power: 50W
Volt: 220V
Color: Warm White
Model: OK.50-220-FIN-CBL-3



We present the illumination curves of all the under-water lights described in this brochure. 
Although these lights have been developed for the private home and garden area, 
they can also be used enlarge electronically operated fountain installations. 

If you are interested in such a fountain installation,  
OK PUMPS would be happy to help you.

Fixture Housing & Door Shall be cast bronze construction, wall thickness 5/32 inch. Natural bronze finish.
Lamp Shall be 220V, 50 watts tungsten halogen 
(Quartz 4000 and 6000 hour lamps respectively).
Lens Shall be 3” diameter convex clear tempered heat resistant glass. 
Gasket Shall be single-piece molded “U” shaped silicon.
Fasteners Shall be stainless steel or silicone bronze.
Socket Shall be porcelain medium screw base with nickel plated copper shell and 200o  insulated leads.
Factory Wired Shall be supplied with 9’ of # 16-3ST submersible cord with ground wire positively grounded inside fixture. Cord entrance shall be brass water tight seal and epoxy encapsulated. 
Factory Leak Tested Fixtures are tested at 10 PSI internal pressure while totally submerged in water.
Low Water Cut-Off Temperature sensing LWC.


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